The purpose of the engineering company nirutavan Is to build and stay.

Engineering and Technology Company nirutavan With over ten years of experience in manufacturing metal products, industrial components, steel structure fittings, construction and bolt construction projects, roof crane components and lifting systems and lifting systems are ready to serve all respected employers. Notably, the company nirutavan Now, the development of industrial power steering systems including cable trays, cable ladders and all kinds of steel conductor cables, along with all the associated fittings and equipment, has introduced the import of all types of equipment and raw materials from Europe and Asia. Experienced and experienced staff is ready to carry out all kinds of orders.

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Production and supply of electrical conductor systems is the country's largest commercial and development projects such as Iran Mal, Elahieh Hotel and Farmaniyeh Commercial Projects, Mashhad Mall and many other commercial projects. Manufacturing and supplying of overhead crane spare parts for many of the country's industrial units is also on the resume of nirutavan Technical and Engineering Company. The crane has the capacity to build up to 100 tons by nirutavan and is one of the most prestigious brands in the supply chain. You can find the best electric conductors such as power cables and telecommunication cables, electric wire, semiconductor cord, wire cord and electrical conductor products including metal cable tray, non-metallic cable tray, electric conduit or metal conduit, pipe Provide non-metallic electrical pipe or conduit and other equipment used in the electrical industry, including electrical panel, power distribution box and beam. Alongside these products, nirutavan is able to supply and manufacture various types of bolts used in industry and steel structures. Because of the use of metal sheets in the production of cable trays and accessories, the company is also able to supply different types of sheets.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the activity of NiruTavan Technical Engineering Company?

NiruTavan Technical and Engineering Company has provided a set of fast-moving companies and enterprises with the aim of producing and supplying the required parts for the construction, road, rail, oil, gas and petrochemical industries and has the potential to produce a variety of products. It is mainly under the brand and operates under the supervision of the production and quality control unit of the company.

Are the products manufactured by NiruTavan Technical and Engineering Company standard?

Yes. All manufactured products are manufactured and supplied in accordance with world standards including ISO, ASTM and DIN. You can get a list of relevant standards by contacting the NiruTavan Engineering Unit.

Can the cable trays and Electrical Pipe or Conduit manufactured by NiruTavan be customized?

Yes, it can be customized in terms of the technical design, type and thickness of the sheet used, the shape and variety of cable tray holes, the different branches, the type and type of coating required and the packaging and delivery method.

What are the reference standards for cable tray production and installation?

International reference standard IEC-61537 and NEMA VE2 are used and ISIRI national standards have been adopted.

Is there a specific standard for hot-dip galvanizing? Is there a specific standard for hot-dip galvanizing?

The reference standard used for various ASTM A123 sheets and sections and for most products including bolts is the ASTM A153 standard.

collapseFour" > Can we order all kinds of cables and electric wire communication cables?

Yes, all types of wires and cables can be customized with different sizes and coatings along with cable and cable guidance systems.

How do we get our product?

Packaged in cartons or pallets with dimensions and coordinates appropriate to the product. For example, the fork fasteners in cardboard cartons and pipes are provided with pallets and packaged in specified quantities. All products are sent to the client with packing list and technical specifications.

What should we do to order NiruTavan Company products?

You will be contacted sholefty by contacting us or by sending us your wish list and contact information via email or social networks and we will send you a technical and financial proposal.

If the technical and financial proposal is approved, the delivery time and delivery conditions will be recorded and the ordering will be done at the production unit and the required products will be delivered in due time.