Accessories Cable Tray

Accessories Cable Tray
Accessories Cable Tray
Accessories Cable Tray
Accessories Cable Tray
Accessories Cable Tray
Accessories Cable Tray
Accessories Cable Tray

Accessories Cable Tray What are cable tray accessories? What is the use of each?

In fact, a cable tray is fully functional when the cable tray accessories or cable tray accessories are complete.

Cable tray can be used in electrical wiring of factories, commercial centers, buildings and high-tech construction-office centers. The cable tray is used for power distribution, control and communication systems. In factories and industries, cable trays are used to move and distribute power. The cable tray can be used as a suitable alternative for surface wiring. In companies, institutions, manufacturers, factories and industries, there are countless devices, systems, machinery and communication channels. Using a cable tray to guide conductors in them is very reasonable and economical. The cable tray allows a large set of cables and wires to be fully protected.

The cable tray allows regular and integrated passage without creating an ugly view and the potential dangers of access and interference from a wire route. This makes it easier to access the collection wiring. Despite the cable tray, it is very practical and makes the job much easier, especially when it is necessary to replace, replace or repair part of the wiring. In factories and industries where there are many cables, a cable tray can be used to maintain the beauty of the environment and the order of these cables. Cable trays can also be used as a place to install a fluorescent lamp.

NiruTavan Abtin Company, with its extensive experience and the use of quality materials, is one of the largest manufacturers of cable trays and cable ladders and accessories that tries to provide the best services to its customers.

1- Galvanized cable tray door.

2- Cable tray interface.

3- Knee tray cable.

4- ladder cable.

5- Cable tray crossroads.

6- Cable tray three-way.

7- Cable tray support.

8- Cable tray wall divider.

9- Mushroom head screw, nut and washer.

Accessories Cable Tray Cable tray door:

As the name implies, it is used to fully protect cables and wires that have passed through the cable tray, as well as to maintain the appearance and create a beautiful appearance.

Accessories Cable Tray Cable tray interface:

In order to guide the cable tray in one direction, you need to connect them to each other, and to create this connection between the two cable trays, you need to use the cable tray interface.

Accessories Cable Tray Knee Cable Tray:

Usually, the route of passing and using cable trays in different buildings is never straight and straight. Therefore, the knee of the cable tray is used to pass the cable tray from the sides and corners where the path is safe.

Accessories Cable Tray Knee types of cable trays:

Knee 90 degree vertical cable tray.

Knee 90 degree horizontal cable tray.

Knee 45 degree horizontal cable tray.

There is also an adjustable vertical knee for the cable tray that is used depending on the conditions.

Accessories Cable Tray cable ladder:

Cable ladder: Cable ladder is commonly used to cross wires and cables vertically and continue the path to a height. Due to the stairs inside the cable ladder, the wires and cables can be completely secured in it. It is usually possible to customize the cable ladder distances and the type of cover according to your needs and in contact with NiruTavan Abtin Company.

Accessories Cable Tray Three-way cable tray:

To cross different wires and cables from one route to two different routes, a cable tray should be used.

Accessories Cable Tray Cable tray Crossroads:

Due to its name, Kabul tray crossroads should be used for routes that intersect in different directions and in several directions.

Accessories Cable Tray Cable tray support:

To protect the cable tray on the wall is used to create a cabling system, which is one of the most useful requirements.

Cable tray support is available for both wall and ceiling types. Fixed and movable wall support and fixed and movable ceiling support.

Of course, moving means that it is adjustable.

Accessories Cable Tray What is a cable tray divider?

This cable tray separator is used when we do not want to put different cables in one tray. For example, power and telecommunication cables, so that noise does not fall, it is better to separate them with a separator. When there are similar currents, it is better to place them on a tray. Usually the length of the cable separator is two meters.

Finally, having a standard cable tray and its first-class requirements, which are produced by NiruTavan Abtin Company, can help you do your project better. The cable tray provides you with a safe and convenient way to pass a large number of cables and wires. With the cable tray, you can easily access it and make changes to it and avoid spending a lot of money using old methods.

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