Cable tray

In the world of new technology, cable tray is one of the most widely used and simple technological achievements that we are witnessing today. To better understand what a cable tray is, we draw your attention to the continuation of the article. Cable tray can be used in electrical wiring of factories, commercial centers, buildings, high-tech office buildings.

Power Cable

In today's world and with the advancement of technology, cables are one of the most practical products produced by humans that help people to make life easier. Cables have various uses and their existential effects can be found in most buildings, industries and He felt all kinds of products such as life accessories, tools, electrical appliances, etc. around him.

Electrical Pipe or Conduit

In today's world there are various methods and methods for using and conducting electrical conductors. You can use electrical pipes or conduits to do your projects. Using a conduit to pass wires or cables can bring us security, quality, cost and time savings, speed, and many other benefits.

Electric Wire

Wire is one or more metal strands, 99% of which are made of copper metal and are protected by a plastic sheath called insulation. In today's world of technology, wires are one of the most widely used materials in It is used all around us in commercial, office and construction buildings, systems, machines, various industrial machines and thousands of other items.

Electrical panel

An electrical panel is a space in which electrical equipment is stored. In fact, in the electrical industry, when electricity is transmitted by electrical conductors (power cables, power cables, telecommunication cables), electrical panels are used to create a place for them to be assembled and connected to electrical equipment. The electrical panel can be made of both metal and metal.

Junction Box Wire

Power distribution box or junction box is used in building construction. This box includes a square box that provides protection and security barrier for power cord or power cable connections. The most commonly used Junction Box Wire is for electrical installations in electrical installations, or simply in building or industrial electrification.


A screw is a temporary mechanical connection that is usually used with a nut and washer to connect two or more parts. The function of the screws is to create a connection between two separate parts. Typically, the most common feature of screws is to make the connection between the parts and keep them in place.

Sheet Metal

Sheet metal is one of the most widely used products that plays a very colorful role in our lives. Sheet metal is used in industry, buildings and various supplies and tools, etc. Semi-manufactured sheet metal in the industry covers a wide range of products. Sheet metal can be classified according to its thickness and material.

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  • Junction Box Wire
  • Bolts
  • Sheet Metal

NiruTAvan Technical and Engineering Company with more than ten years of experience in the field of production of industrial parts and manufacturing of steel structure fittings and manufacturing and supply of bolts for construction projects, parts and equipment of overhead cranes and lifting systems ready to provide services to all esteemed employers Is. It is noteworthy that this complex is currently manufacturing industrial electrical conduction systems including cable trays, cable ladders and various types of steel pipes.

Commitment and innovation in service

NiruTavan Industrial Group,relying on science and new technologies and knowledge Technical specialists of the country and with the cooperation of top professors and graduates University always tries to produce quality products,new and compatible It has national and international standards.Services provided in NiruTavan is always based on maintaining the speed of work and the most balanced The cost price has been considered and the commitment of the company's management is observed Customer rights.

Speed of action in production and supply

One of the most important factors that has made customers so far NiruTavn Company is committed to us and satisfied with the cooperation with the company Have the speed of action in the production , packaging, sending and delivery of goods Is . In this regard , the company compared to many factories with Long history has snatched the lead and always with management Proper human and financial resources even in the downturn of customers ' industrial markets and Has had good projects.


Compliance with international standards

International standards in management, product quality control, package Arrange and send shipments for projects and customers or warehousing in The location of the factory and in many cases the standards of preparation and Mechanical and metallurgical properties tests in the company's technical database They are always referred and used. All manufactured products in NiruTavan Based on modern world standards including ISO, ASTM and DIN production and Are offered .

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